New York City Ballet is concerned with birds other than just swans, it turns out. The company has recently been paying a lot of attention to a little blue bird that tweets. Devin Alberda, a member of the NYCB’s corps de ballet, used his Twitter account in a way that raised administrative concerns, and a potential social media policy is now included in ongoing contact negotiations between the company and the American Guild of Musical Artists, the dancers’ union. Boston Ballet is considering a similar deal.

For any of you social media junkies out there, these issues of privacy versus transparency probably ring true. So what do you tweet about? Do pre-workout snacks or post-party escapades make the list? Do you think company directors or administrative execs should be able to issue guidelines about ethical Twitter use? I want to hear about it! Leave comments below, or (and you had to see this coming) hit me up on Twitter @lvdanceinsider.

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