In a television sphere with its fair share of dance dramas of sometimes questionable realism (“So You Think You Can Dance,” “Glee,” “Smash,” the short series featuring Ballet West …), Sarah Kaufman, writing for the Washington Post, has found a bright spot: “Bunheads,” a show about a Vegas showgirl teaching ballet to a gaggle of dancers in the sticks.

Kaufman picked up on little details that might rankle some (“In one scene, [Michelle] Simms [the showgirl-turned-ballet-instructor] strides across the gleaming wood floor of the ballet studio and begins energetically tutoring the kids in how to audition, while wearing her stiletto heels. Nobody wears street shoes in the studio! Imagine the scratches! Dance floors are sacred.”) All-in-all, though, the show earned two thumbs up from a writer who has seen her share of less-than-stellar television series devoted to bunheads.

Interested in watching the show? Sweet: find it on the ABC Family site!