For anyone with a special part of their heart devoted to the movie “Center Stage,” a 3-D alternative is now available.

Image courtesy of WDTV Thumbnails

“Step Up 3-D,” the latest installment in the trio of films, was released in theaters recently. Review range from lukewarm (mostly from critics) to not too shabby. (Way to rock that, dance fans.)

Check out an interesting review here. Curious about the3-D movie trend in general and where it might be going in the future? Another Slate article breaks it down (but not the way the dancers in the movie do.)

If anything, check out the flick and see what the fuss is about. The choreography certainly isn’t disappointing and a scene involving flying slushee strings (you’ll see what I mean) is entertaining at the least.

One thing’s for sure, though. Despite its ability to simulate just about everything in our world today, technology won’t be replacing strong dance anytime soon.