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It might sound like someone lost a bet, but a Guardian sports writer was sent to the Royal Opera House to review a production of “Tosca” a number of years ago. (The culture critics had to swap jobs with the rugby writer as well, as is sporting.) Despite the apparent hilarity of the situation, some interesting observations about the similarities of sports and dance came forth. For a video, follow the link here.

The New York Times decided in July that this was an idea worth considering. Perhaps because we don’t have rugby over here, book critic Dwight Garner was sent to a performance of Alexei Ratmansky’s “Anna Karenina” by Mariinsky Ballet, formerly the Kirov company.

As with Thomas Castaignède of The Guardian, Garner proffered an innovative perspective and some valuable insight into the story that, after all, began as a literary tale. The result is a modest article that makes ballet both more accessible and more enlightening, which tends to be a fine balance to strike. More than anything, both stories demonstrate the universality of arts and human feeling.

For the story about the ballet that “unfurled like a black rose” for a New York Times book critic, follow the link here.


Seven months have passed since the movie “Black Swan” first rocked the dance world with a hotly disputed and much talked-about portrayal of the tradition of classical ballet. Amazingly, people are still talking about it.

I found this story from the Wall Street Journal and appreciated the recap of events that have transpired since the controversial film’s release. Questions of body doubles and ballet training for Natalie Portman have largely come out and the hindsight is interesting, to say the least. A preview of five fabulous ballet companies that will be taking a certain American city by storm this season is included in the story.

For more commentary on “Black Swan,” take a look at the links below.

“Natalie Portman Embraces Monster and Victim”: an awards-season rehashing of Portman’s role in the film. Find the story from the New York Times here.

Check out an interview from New York Magazine with the “Black Swan” choreographer on instructing Portman on her bird-ish port de bras.

See the film from the director’s perspective in this interview with director Darren Aronofsky from MTV.com.