Kenny Ortega, one of the creative brains behinds the Michael Jackson movie “This Is It,” the “High School Musical” series, and the original “Dirty Dancing,” broke difficult news to some of his biggest fans. And they weren’t just fans: they composed what was, until a few days ago, the cast of a remake of “Dirty Dancing,” a truly classic dance film if there ever was one. Lionsgate had decided to postpone the project, and, for the cast and creative team alike, a new reality needed to be addressed.

Ben Toth, a vocal coach, composer and musical director, wrote a great little piece about the moment when the dancers found out they didn’t need to come to rehearsal the next day – he was a vocal coach for the film and was on hand when Ortega made the announcement – and the immediate aftermath. The biggest takeaway? Dance it out. If you’re in this business, and even if you were just informed that a dream job has evaporated, it will probably make you feel better.

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