Update 7/22: 

“KA” artists took a brief hiatus from their Las Vegas stage and took up the mantle on the side of a building in San Diego instead. The performance of the show’s final fight scene, adapted for comic-enthusiasts from around the world, was part of the opening festivities for the 2011 Comic-Con and fit in well with the audience of fantasy-lovers.

The scene may be a familiar one to Vegas locals, but the adaptations made by the artists were impressive. After all, there is a world of difference between an elaborate and expensive stage designed specifically for the show and a wall of PETCO Park. For footage of the performance kindly generated by Comic-Con goers in the audience, check out the video below. (More and different videos are available on YouTube, naturally.)

Original post 7/6:

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Artists and technicians from Cirque du Soleil’s show “KA” will be reproducing the final battle scene from the show for Comic-Con attendees in San Diego from July 21 – 24. For cosplay fans, this could be an acrobatic dream come true, but the circumstances present a few challenges for the performers and the tech team.

In “KA,” the battle atmosphere is projected onto an angled surface suspended above the audience, giving onlookers the perspective of watching the combat from above. Replicating this arrangement in San Diego is impossible, as the wall of the building where the scene will be performed is entirely vertical, which isn’t the case in the show.

If you want to see the show in person, you’re out of luck: badges for the convention are already sold out online. But to find out how performers are adjusting, what technicians are doing to compensate for on-site differences and for interviews with “KA” artists and technicians, follow the link here for the original video on Wired.com.

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