@ 953 E. Sahara Ave.

In the spooky spirit of the month, the Onyx Theatre put on their annual Halloween burlesque show at 8 p.m. on Oct. 27. The place was decked out in spiderwebs and fog and there really is nothing like a drag queen in costume.

It was a “living, breathing, tasty variety show,” in the words of emcee Ginger Grant. The show was well-paced and Grant’s bawdy humor kept the atmosphere lively and laid-back. It was obvious that the Onyx is no stranger to shows of this type.

Content-wise, there could have been more deliberately Halloween-y acts, although a few stood out for being so. Zombie-style Leda Las Vegas, singing “I Screamed a Scream,” kept interrupting herself with lunges toward the oh-so-delectable brains of the audience. Miss Miranda Glamour picnicked graveside with a charming undead fellow and a bottle of A-1 sauce. Lou-Lou Roxy made an appearance as a hypnotist and Genevieve Serpentine ended up covered in snakes.

Elaine, dressed as Lady Gaga, brought a “Bad Romance” to the table and performed respectably well. The recurring character known as Mama, played by Stephanie Castellone, was an audience-favorite and her banter with Grant was an act in itself.

More classic burlesque was well-represented in Renea le Roux’s flouncy French number and Miss Karla Joy’s stately performance to the “Addams Family” theme. Joy’s phenomenal lip-syncing act to a 1950s infomercial-style product pitch also dropped jaws.

All tips for the show went to the Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting those with HIV and AIDS. Follow the link above for more information on the group.

Photos are supposedly worth a thousand words, and that should be especially true on Halloween. Watch out for tricks this weekend, remember “stranger danger” and take a gander at the photos below. View a schedule for upcoming shows at the Onyx and find ticket information here.