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TEDTalks have become something of a cultural meme, seeming to be a mix of motivational speaking, new ideas and those oddly addictive cat videos. So what could go wrong when they bring dancers and aerialists into the mix? Below is a video called “Quixotic,” a lovely exploration of dance, aerial acro, theater, film, music and light. Check it out!


A group of highly innovative garbagemen rocked the South by Southwest Music Festival with a film centered on the balletic movement of, wait for it, garbage trucks. If that sounds like a totally whacky, off-the-wall take on performance art, then you’re right on the money. It is fabulously entertaining, though, and there’s quite a story behind it.

Choreographer Allison Orr demonstrates in the film that inspiration is everywhere. Filmmaker Andrew Garrison followed Orr through her sojourn with sanitation workers, which ultimately culminated in 24 garbage trucks dancing. If that’s not fit for the title of extreme creativity, then little else is.

Dance Magazine wrote about the film’s screening at SXSW; read the blog post here. Roll on over to the Trash Dance homepage for information about the film and where it will be screening next. And, next time you’re setting your garbage out on the curb, keep in mind that the fellow in the fluorescent vest picking it up just might be a closeted choreographer.

It’s a typical scenario: a YouTube video goes viral, perhaps through Facebook or Twitter. A news program might pick up on it, using the clip as a cute¬†segue between news stories or commercial breaks. More people find out about it, the video accrues more hits and the cycle continues.

There isn’t usually a modern dance company involved, though.

Choreographer Shena Tschofen was inspired by a particular video that was hugely popular around this time a year ago. She and a small company of dancers reinterpreted the video, called “Cows and cows and cows,” in a live-stage piece that does the impossible by making the original clip just a little bit weirder.

The original video is below. Follow the link here for Tschofen’s version from CBS News.

If you have any experience with reinterpretations of animated works, choreographers with crazy ideas or head-bobbing bovines, feel free to share in the comments below.