Hello, folks. Just a quick note to explain the quieter airwaves on this end:

I got a sweet summer internship copy editing for the Seattle Times, something of a dream job (or almost-job) for nit-picky grammar nuts like myself. Fortunately, my summer internship has expanded into fall as well: if all goes as planned, I’ll be sticking around Seattle through the end of September.

I’m digging being in the Northwest and putting my journalism degree to good use, but I miss the passionate, sometimes quirky and always inspiring performing-arts scene in Vegas. I implore you: Keep in touch. Keep reading, if you like; I’ll continue updating periodically. If you’d like to get the word out about an upcoming show, give me a holler. Likely as not, I’ll give you a shout-out.

So this isn’t a last post before my blog disintegrates. Think of it as intermission. Head out to the lobby for a bit, stretch your legs, powder your nose, get some popcorn and check your phone. This blog will still be here, warming up in the wings for Act II.