The head of BBC Worldwide Productions had two obsessions that she wanted to explore. One was ballet. The other was a convent. In a six-show reality series, Jane Tranter, the head of BBC Worldwide Productions, uses Ballet West to explore themes from both, including fierce competition, stealthy secrecy and an aura of the unattainable.

Enter “Breaking Pointe,” a short show that follows dancers from the Ballet West company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rebecca Milzoff of the New York Times wrote about the show, noting the very CW-ish production style of soap-opera vibes and an edgy score. The first few minutes of the initial episode do put juicy drama and relationships (and somewhat stilted dialogue) front and center, but the show certainly seems worth a look for bunheads.

And the good news is you can watch it for free online! Head over here for the goods. Happy streaming!