If you’ve driven by or taken class at the graffiti-covered dance studio downtown called Tunay, you can probably attest to the vibrant personality and love of music and movement that emanates from the place. Jojo Peralta, the brains behind the b-boying and printing operation, was recently featured in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which gives dancers that know him as the smiling guy behind the desk a chance to get to know what led up to Tunay.

The story illustrates Peralta’s own rough-and-tumble history, from gang life to dancing to owning a studio, and his own quest to give Las Vegas teens a place to fit in. Consider it required reading if you’ve ever wondered about the street dance scene in the city, if you’re part of it yourself, or if you know someone who would like to be. Find the full story here, and find Tunay Ink at  1118 S. Main Street in Las Vegas.