“During this Christmas season, from the early days of December until mid-January, London is clogged, blighted, with stagings of The Nutcracker.” It is a state of affairs which would seem ludicrous were it not so artistically stultifying, and so horridly typical of artistic policies and artistic funding.”

So writes Clement Crisp in the Financial Times. He elaborates on this statement throughout the article, citing the myriad productions of the holiday standby and total potential theater capacities (250,000 audience members, by his reckoning) as evidence. Inertia rules, as he puts it, and even if you’re a sugarplum addict, his article is worth a read. Find the full version here.

What are your thoughts on Nutcracker traditions? Is the production perfect as a classic or in need of some reworking? Share your thoughts in the comments below.