Two and a half years after “Disney’s The Lion King” roared into Las Vegas in March 2009, the herd at Pride Rock is dispersing to other grasslands. The Las Vegas run of Broadway’s sweetheart showcased dancers and vocalists with talent and ferocity, but a smooth criminal named Michael Jackson is slated to reside at Mandalay Bay, the former pride lands.

Lion Kingers have been doing more than their eight-show schedule at Mandalay, though. In the years they’ve been in Vegas, cast members have organized and participated in benefits, concerts and showcases. This community focus means that they will be missed in more places than just a resort on the Strip.

John Przybys wrote about the show closing in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Check out the story here.

I wrote about “Lion King” showcases on several occasions. Click on the links below to read more.

Check out my original review of “The Lion King.” Cast members performed “The Moment” at E Strings bar on Dec. 6 of 2010. “Vegas Vaudeville”  and “Live. Love. Dance!” hit the stage at the Horn Theatre on Sept. 16 and April 22, respectively. On Sept. 11, some “Lion King” performers contributed to  “God Lives in Glass” at the Judy Bayley Theatre.

“Lion King,” in all its theatric splendor, is a production that will be sorely missed, even in an entertainment-saturated market. Whether Pride Rock residents are staying in the city or moving elsewhere, I wish them all the best. Hakuna matata!