Take an insane mashup by Greg Gillis, who fused bits of 373 different songs from all genres onto a single CD. Add a rebel ballet dancer — it’s been done before, but bear with me — a flash tapper and a slick, snazzy popper/street dancer. Throw them all into New York City, stir, and watch what happens for the next 72 minutes.

Director Jacob Krupnick dreamed up this recipe and the result is a vertiginous, improvisational jam between the three loosely defined characters throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Anne Marsen, the main character, boogies to the continuous track, bumping into fellow dancers John Doyle and Daisuke Omiya in her flamboyant frolicking.

Part of the film went viral earlier this year, but the creation was screened in its entirety on Dec. 8 at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. If you enjoy artfully blended music, smile-inducing improv, man-on-the-street-style dancing and confused looks from passersby, visit the Girl Walk // All Day homepage to watch episodes of the project. For some interviews with the dancers and creators, head over to a story from the Wall Street Journal here. The first episode is below.