A California-born, dance-devouring critic who has written for the Village Voice for more than 40 years has joined the dynamic online dance-sphere with a blog that is certainly worth a look.

Deborah Jowitt, who moved to New York in the mid-’90s to join a company run by Harriette Ann Gray, said she discovered a love of dance criticism in the 1960s and has been engaging in it in various forms since. Her broad experience in the field is evident: balanced insight joins hands with a unique voice and the result is a nice blend of good reporting and thought-provoking criticism.

So if you’re looking for another arts publication to add to your arsenal, check out Jowitt’s DanceBeat. It takes a person in a certain situation to know dance and language well enough to write about the art of movement, and it is evident that Jowitt is one of these people.

For more arts writing, take a look at ArtsJournal, which has a section devoted to blogs like Jowitt’s.