Michael Jackson lives on, and not just in the hearts of his fans: a pseudo-Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. plays host to the pop icon as well. Several YouTube channels have devoted themselves to spoofs of this nature, portraying the King of Pop battling the King of Koopas and dancing to the hit song “Thriller” with Pikachu.

In addition to the Super Mario Bros.-style musings is footage of the video game “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker” (which was an actual game) and speculations on what would happen if a Pokemon trainer encountered a Michael Jackson in the wild. While some of it’s a bit low-brow, it tends to be in the “good fun” genre of parodies. The number of hours it must have taken to animate some of these is nothing to sneeze at either.

A number of YouTube channels have devoted themselves to building up Michael Jackson’s virtual fandom; the link here will take you to the first video in a string of about 35 but plenty others exist.