Hey gang, your author here. I am addressing you not from behind a camera or across a notepad but from a smallish resort town in northern Utah called Park City — some of you skiing peeps might have heard of it.

I’m not up here to ski, however, and not just because it’s the tail-end of the season. (Although one resort might break a record this year by being open past the fourth of July, which blows my mind a little bit.) I scored a sweet social media editing internship with a company called Channel Signal and they’re based out of a snazzy office lodge (note: not office building) in Park City.

So I’ll be shivering away my summer in this mountainous place and getting some excellent experience to boot. My lovely blog, in the meantime, will probably be expanding its scope of coverage and becoming more general in what is reported. However, if there is a Las Vegas-based event going on, please let me know and I will promote it as usual.

Keep dancing in the meantime. I’ll be back in August, pen and camera in hand.