Las Vegas burlesque met Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare” on March 1 at FreeZONE, and it was was a pairing that has a lot of potential. “Burlesque the Game Show,” organized by Miss Miranda Glamour and Nomi Malone, featured striptease performances interspersed with less-than-wholesome games and challenges for audience members. Prizes, and surprises, abounded.

Lou Lou Roxy

Lou Lou Roxy guested in the show as well, twirling a purple spiral-emblazoned umbrella and hypnotizing the audience with classic variety show vibes. In the latter half of the show, Roxy sprouted feathers and molted clothes, eliciting cat calls and tips. Nomi Malone also performed a number en pointe to Across the Sky’s “First Love Song,” which had been seen previously at February’s “Burly-Q Revue.” Despite a shoe malfunction and a stage that left plenty to be desired, the piece was well-received.

Stage kitten Rosa and audience member

Stage kittens Rosa and Porcelain Vanity assisted Glamour with such games as “Treasure Chest,” involving throwing Mardi Gras beads down a stage kitten’s shirt and “Milking It,” where liquid had to be squeezed through pinholes poked in the fingers of latex gloves. The festivities continued with “X Marks the …” well, I won’t print that here, but it rhymes with “spot” and is probably the most adult version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” that I’ve ever seen. The show ended with two audience members clad in ponchos of protection, diving face-first into bowls of whipped cream in search of three elusive cherries.

Winning contestants received a $50 gift card to The Rack and two tickets, redeemable for any show, to the Onyx Theatre.

Glamour and Malone are natural hosts, using brassy jokes and strong improv skills to cover minor holes in the show. Although turnout was modest and contestants had a habit of wondering off between rounds, the “Burlesque the Game Show” represents a good addition to the burlesque scene in Las Vegas. Momentum and an established reputation should also be helpful to subsequent performances.

For your chance to win, hustle on down to FreeZONE the first Tuesday of each month. Enjoy the photos below in the meantime.

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