For dancers, first dance classes often make the same list as first kisses and the instance when shoe-tying suddenly made sense. It’s unfamiliar at first, but nothing can show you what you’re getting into like, well, just trying it out. Once you learn how it works, it stops becoming such a point of interest in your life and the memory of that magical beginning gets fuzzy around the edges.

Nikki Villoria, a local journalist and and blogger, decided to investigate the noble art of dance first-hand by taking classes ranging from tango to line-dancing to cardio jam. She’s made a mission to learn as many styles as possible in the next few months, one two-step at a time.

So while you may not remember what your first dance class was like, Villoria sure does, and she’s blogging about it. Check out her commentary here and remind yourself of how you fell in love with this crazy thing in the first place.