After a few months of previews and reworking, the purportedly steam-driven “Triumph” at the Las Vegas Hilton closed shortly before the scheduled hard opening at the end of February..

Like many new shows in Las Vegas and elsewhere, four-walling and little initial momentum made for difficult starting conditions. Unfortunately, “Triumph” apparently never rounded the corner between being a financial liability and being profitable. Twelve dancers, as well as the two illusionists in the show, have returned from their inter-dimensional travels and will be in the 21st century to stay.

I was fortunate enough to see the show before it closed and, although there were several kinks throughout, the cast of dancers was excellent. I am, of course, biased. However, the only thing worse than seeing bad dancers onstage is seeing good ones that are out of work.

For footage of an interview with Larry and Rafael, the illusionists that were part of the show, check out the link here.