Today marks the soft opening of the new show “Triumph. It Runs on Steam!,”a new show premiering at the Las Vegas Hilton. Based on a sci-fi theme that draws from literary inspiration like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, “Triumph” features illusionists Larry Fischer and Rafael Palacios, along with dancers and an original score. Chet Walker, hefty resume in tow, is the choreographer for the show and boasts credits from up and down Broadway.

The hard opening of the show won’t be until January, but information with specifics is already popping up here and there. Check out an interview with the illusionists in the Las Vegas Review-Journal and visit the “Triumph” website here for details and ticket information. Behind-the-scenes photos are available from the Las Vegas Weekly here.

Stay tuned here for updates as well: interviews with cast members are coming soon. Happy (time) travels!