Photo by and (c)2007 Jina Lee

The dream wedding of dance and drama is showcased on a reality show-style website called Dance 212.

The Web series, now beginning its third season,  follows five dancers from five different second companies (Tap City Youth Ensemble, Taylor 2, ABT II, Graham II and Ailey II.)  The daily episodes are presented video blog-style and aren’t necessarily about dance–hence the “reality TV” side of the relationship.

This can be both good and bad and whether you’ll like it probably depends on why you’re visiting the site in the first place. Although there is footage of some excellent dancing, it’s usually interspersed with content that showcases the personality under all that technique. (This also isn’t inherently bad–dancers are generally interesting people.)

So, bottom line. If you’re looking for footage of Julie Kent performing “Giselle,” this probably isn’t the site for you. However, Dance 212’s focus on younger companies is refreshing and unique and the site is certainly worth a look-see.

(Quick note: an obnoxious downside to the website is the audio track on the homepage. If you’re on a public computer or don’t want to hear a sound-bite about the show à la MTV, mute your speakers before the page loads.)