A much-touted statistic for large-scale productions in Vegas is the distance each seat is from the stage. Oftentimes, this number is surprisingly small given the size of the theater.

For a hefty price, though, one water show is bringing the audience under that stage. How’s that for close?

“La Reve,” boasting a 1.1 million-gallon tank of water at Wynn Las Vegas, is now offering a Diver’s Dream Package. This allows  SCUBA-certified audience members to see the show from beneath the water, fully submerged beside members of the cast and crew.

In a city where entertainment is paramount, entertainment diving fills its own niche. The 14 professional divers in “La Reve” (which has a total cast of 90) give synchronized swimming an extreme face lift.

Divers, in between choreographed numbers in the show, make their bubble-trailing way to air stations beneath the water. They breathe through masks until it’s time to either exit the pool or be back onstage.

Audience members that drop the cash to “dive the dream” are afforded a unique view of the precise mechanics of the show.

The price tag ($2,000 for one person, $3,000 for two) includes a traditional seat for the show as well as the chance to see it underwater. (One couple from Chicago has already gotten their feet wet and taken advantage of the package.)

Scuba certification is required, but the wetsuit and oxygen tank will be provided. Check out video footage and pictures from the Weekly here.